New year is a time for reinvention so why not overhaul your lunch with Deli Kitchen’s new range inspired by delicious breads from across the globe? Five new Deli Kitchen products are hitting shelves in Sainsbury’s stores in January 2019, including Brioche Folded Flatbreads, Corn Folded Flatbreads, Sliced Focaccia, Plain Subwich and Plain Skinni Wraps

Lunch is the most neglected meal of the day, with many of us opting for the same old sad sandwiches day in and day out. Deli Kitchen flatbreads allow you to experience a world of bread options from the comfort of your own home or desk, from a continental treat to an American adventure or a healthy, light lunch. The diverse range consists of five delicious, innovative flatbreads;

  • Brioche Folded Flatbreads – a rich, melt-in-the-mouth flatbread with a convenient hinge to keep your filling in its place
  • Corn Folded Flatbreads – a twist on an American classic in the folded flatbread shape
  • Sliced Focaccia – deliciously soft olive oil focaccia sliced to make the perfect continental sandwich
  • Plain Subwich – a lighter, thinner version of the classic “sub”
  • Plain Skinni Wraps – lighter and lower in calories than traditional tortillas with an easy-to- fold shape