Working from home people have become used to having extra time in the morning to prepare a nutritious breakfast and a fridge full of options to choose from at lunchtime. However, as more and more of us return to our workplace, we may be more tempted to grab and go, selecting less healthy options on the run as time is squeezed.

Nutritionist Cat MacDonald warns that those who don’t bring a packed lunch to work could be more likely to make poor lunch choices as well as spending more money – so don’t be a loafer and get prepared with Deli Kitchen.

Cat MacDonald said: “We’re all looking forward to a return to something that looks like normality!  But, returning to our pre-lockdown habits – particularly our eating habits – could see our health, and waistlines, suffer. The temptation to pop into a coffee shop every morning can be tempting, but opting for a breakfast roll, a mayo-laden sandwich and a full-fat milk coffee could see you smashing your daily salt recommendation and pushing half of your daily calorie intake, and that’s before you’ve even reached the office and been tempted by the biscuit barrel!

“Making lunch, and breakfast, at home could really help you keep calories low, and taste high.  Making your own low carb, lower calorie wraps at home gives you the perfect opportunity to pack them full of high protein options, like chicken or eggs, which will keep you fuller for longer – and then you’ll be less likely to snack.  You can also control the salt content, and by adding crunchy veg to the mix will also help to boost the vitamin and mineral content too. Your sandwich will be a nutrient packed, less salty, soggy version of one you find left on a coffee shop shelf.  Your bank balance will be healthier, too.”

The new Deli Kitchen range includes Wheat & White Wraps and Malted Rye Wraps which are made with extra virgin olive oil to give them a soft texture and delicious flavour. They are also a source of fibre, making them tasty and nutritious, perfect for a filling lunchtime option. For a Scandi style high-protein filling try hot smoked salmon with sour cream, dill and beetroot.

With just 14.6g of carbohydrates per wrap Deli Kitchen’s new Carb Lite Wraps are the perfect guilt-free option for your lunchbox. Not only are they super soft and deliciously light, but they also provide a source of protein and are high in fibre! Try our brilliant Bang Bang Chicken recipe with crunchy peanut butter, shredded cucumber, carrots and onions- crunchy and delicious. Or for vegetarians, serve filled with Halloumi and peppers.

The full range includes:

  • Carb Lite Wraps – RRP: £1.40
  • Wheat & White Wraps – RRP: £1.20
  • Malted Rye Wraps – RRP: £1.20
  • Plain Wraps – RRP: £1.20
  • Mini Plain Wraps – RRP: £0.95

So don’t grab a calorie-laden high-cost option – make lunchtime tasty, healthy and thrifty with Deli Kitchen’s help.